Music and Arts Education as an Alternative Form of Therapy

Compassion Care Center of the Arts


The Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) will be introducing their plans to build the Compassion Care Center of the Arts (CCCA), centrally located in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.


Goal: CCCA will provide victims of child abuse, non-offending parents or caregivers alternative methods of treatment through music, the arts, recreation and crisis counseling. CCCA will offer an innovative method of treatment by incorporating the arts as a unique approach to improve, enhance and encourage their chances of survival emotionally and socially while providing basic training through traditional methods.


Objective: To provide these intervention services including creative arts and clinical therapy to 100 children and their non-offending parents or caregivers per day.

Therapy through the Arts and Recreation Programs

• Music Therapy
• Dance Studio

• Arts and Crafts
• Theater and Screening Room

• Recording Studio
• Gym

• Arcade



• Fundamental Reading and Writing
• Music Theory and Composition

• Computer Program
• After School Tutoring Program


Crisis Counseling and Interventions

• Advocacy Coaching
• Comprehensive treatment in the area of Attention Deficit Disorder
• Anger management courses and counseling
• Investigation Task Force (ITF) to enforce and protect the rights of children


Child and Family Counseling

• In-house therapists for one-on-one counseling
• Group therapy sessions engaging family members in joint sessions to improve communication
• Reassure children they are not the reason or at fault for the abuse by promoting self esteem
• Parental discussion groups



The initial start-up costs for this endeavor will be $15 million with an additional $3 million a year for operations. The center will aim to touch the lives of more than 3,000 children (including children with applicable non-offending parents or caregivers) per year.

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