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The 1st Annual "Family Jamm!" - Fans

December 13, 2003

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Sheila and Lynn,
First of all, let me thank you for the wonderful show that provided so much joy to so many in the crowd (such as myself) the night of the Family Jamm. It was a truly exceptional evening which will not be forgotten. Not only did the performances absolutely blow me away but I'm also awed by the genuine goodness within each of you. The cause that you are bringing much needed aid to is most certainly in good hands with efforts being spearheaded by such caring people as yourselves and your staff. The dedication and spirit behind your vision will prove to be inspirational to others as well as a blessing to those who truly need it. Secondly, the show, itself, was beyond what words can describe.


A true privilege was granted to the lucky people in the audience that night. The performers went out and reminded us all of the reasons why they are among the elite musicians of their time. And not only are they great performers, but they are really gracious, friendly, and giving people as well. I can say without reservation that you made my trip from North Carolina well worth it. All I can say beyond that is that I look forward to the second annual event.
- Don L.




First to Sheila and Lynn I have to say that my hat is off to you guys for putting together such a memorable show for a GREAT cause. To all of the artist who gave their time and talent: thank you, I had a wonderful time. Sheila that Morris Day bit was the funniest thing I have seen in a while (smile). To everyone involved with the show and everyone at EHF: May God continue to bless you all and work through you all to build the Compassion Care Center and all projects that follow.
- Tineka M., Sheila E. Fan 4 Life




Dear Sheila and Lynn,
Saturday, December 13, has truly been a dream-come-true experience! Announcing the Family Jamm! a few months ago made my friend Patrick and me decide to fly over all the way from The Netherlands. So we did, and boy, was it worth it! Seeing you perform and then meeting you all afterwards (BIG thanks to our 'angel' Tasha Smith)! I became a fan of your music in the late 80's but never got the change to see The Family, Madhouse, and The Revolution live. Seeing ANY of these bands would have been worth it, let alone seeing you ALL & meeting you too! By doing this, we're supporting a great cause and got to meet some really cool fans as well. Thank you so much for this great experience(it's been 10 days and I still have withdrawal symptoms). Wishing you all the best.
- Angelo, The Netherlands




Lynn, Sheila and everyone involved in the Family Jamm:
Thank you so much for such a fantastic show! As a Minneapolis native and a fan of all of the wonderful music and musicians at the Forum, it was incredible to see and hear everyone in such fine form. Sheila, you were definitely the queen of the evening (take that, Morris!). More than the music and nostalgia, I sincerely hope that your dreams for the EHF and the Compassion Care Center come true. I am exceptionally fortunate to never have known abuse first-hand. I only wish I could do more financially to help see your dream to fruition. God bless you all for your love, compassion and the work that you are doing. Please know that your presence is already saving lives.
- Kari I.




Thank you, thank you. I felt at home when I attended the 1st Annual Family Jamm concert. I ended up going to the concert by myself because among my friends and family I'm the one and only "diehard" Prince fan. I thought I wouldn't have such a good time going by myself but little did I realize how much "family" I had at the concert. I meet a lot of people that evening and enjoyed myself greatly. You can not imagine how much I enjoyed seeing you reunite the group "The Family" and "The Revolution". I was a teenager in the '80s and you can not begin to understand how many times I played this music over and over during those years. I thought I was the only person out there with a memory of these songs and times - thank the Lord I'm not. Hearing that music and seeing the members brought back a lot of memories. I just wanted to thank Sheila E. and all of the organizers for the experience. All of your time, sacrifice, and effort is greatly appreciated.
-Shawn Marie




Dear Sheila, Lynn and all the artists and staff of the Family Jamm!:
Hello. This is Emi. My friends (9 people)and I attended the Family Jamm! all the way from Japan. First of all I have much respect for Sheila, Lynn and their staff for putting together this historical event. This reunion was a fairy tale for us as we have been dreaming to see these artists since we were teenagers. It all happened in one night! I think the event was filled with positive vibes and very important messages about what is happening to our children. The story of one child touched my heart deeply. We really need to commit to this tragic situation and make a change for our children. And needless to say, lots of respect to all the musicians who gave their precious time to attend this event. We were very happy to see all Family Jamm! artists perform. It was my dream for a long, long time!! I really appreciate it and I am hoping to see you all in Japan!


I personally appreciate Sheila and Lynn for delivering me my lost bag and passport. I got back home safely and thank you for your prayer. And Haydee, you remembered me and worked very hard to return it to me. Thank you very, very much. Sheila, you have been my heroine from since I was a teenager and I have seen your shows many times but you always impress me with your energy, sense of humor and pure spirit. I truly appreciate it and I will never forget this in my life. That was a blessing and you were a real ANGEL God sent me. I truly believe you are real ANGELS on earth. Thank you very much and much love to you forever. One more thing, of course I could not forget thanking the person who returned my bag. I apologize for your trouble and appreciate you very much. Please contact me and say hi! I returned safely back home with your help. Thank you very much.


I cannot thank more but thank you for reading this. I hope to attend the next annual event and I will support your Foundation. Big love and hugs!
- Emi S., Japan




Dear EHF Family,
I can't even begin to tell you how moved I was and overjoyed that I made the journey from Connecticut to attend the Family Jamm concert!! Lynn and Sheila - AMAZING job pulling it all together - no easy feat! As a female musician (fellow drummer), getting a VIP ticket and chance to meet the women mentors who I've most admired over the last 15 yrs. (Wendy, Lisa & Sheila), along with ALL the bands/performers was a ROCK-N-ROLL FANTASY COME TRUE!! I so appreciated the time the performers gave for the photo session post-show after working so hard on stage. To be in a room with all of you blew my mind and then some! And the icing on the cake is that the evening was for a very worthwhile cause. The speeches and feeling of comradery on that stage brought me to tears (especially when Wendy sang "Purple Rain" - SO enjoyed hearing you sing all the tunes!). Looking forward to next year. I'll be right there again to support your efforts again. Bless you!
- Deb P.




The Jamm was everything I wished it to be and more! I hope Wendy was true about taking the Revolution out on tour in the future. I would love to see full sets from The Revolution, The Family, The Time (w/ Morris) and of course Miss Sheila E. ! I brought all my old albums in hopes of getting them signed by all these great artists, but I couldn't get those VIP tickets! I did meet Wendy on the side of the stage and she was very gracious and kind. Sheila, your personality and humor really stands out on stage and shows what a beautiful person you truly are! Bring this group out on a full US Tour in 2004 : The MPLS sound 20th Anniversary Tour, The Royal Court or The And God Created Woman Tour featuring Sheila E . on Ddums and vocals, Lisa on keyboards, Wendy on lead guitar and vocals, Rhonda Smith on bass, Candy Dulfer on sax, Jill Jones on vocal and tambourine and Carmen Electra on whatever! Now that would be a must see! I could write for hours but the Jamm was Supercalifragifunkisexycool!!!
- Steve D.




I just wanted to thank Sheila and Lynn and all of the artists and people that donated their time for this concert. Although the performances were outstanding, the best part was the story of the young man that overcame his abuse with the help of the Foundation. It really brought everything into perspective as far as what this concert event was really all about. This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. As an auction winner this was definitely the chance of a lifetime and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take part in this special night. Honestly, I don't think I can thank you enough because with this single event you have shown me that love4oneanother really does truly exist and it's alive and well within the hearts of everyone who participated.
- Chalise G. - "Chance Of A Lifetime" Party Package Winner, Package E




Dear Sheila, Lynn, and the entire EHF organization,
Thank you so much for such an unforgettable night! Words cannot express what it was like to experience the Family Jamm in person. Just being there to witness such an historical event was amazing, but you guys really went above and beyond to make it even more special for me and my guest. Everyone I spoke to could feel the positive energy of the night on so many levels, but most importantly, getting the word out about the importance of the work EHF is doing to help children in need. Once again thanks you so much for creating something that brought so much happiness to so many people, but will also help many others in the future.
- Gary F. - "Chance Of A Lifetime" Party Package Winner, Package B




Can you please thank everyone involved with the organization of Saturday night's event. It was fantastic to see our old friends that we had grown up with over the years and see that they still enjoy performing the songs that we have loved for so long. It was an especially rare chance for some of us, as we hadn't seen some of the original bands perform the songs......EVER. Please let us all know if Sheila gets her wish for a repeat performance. Many thanks again, and best wishes to everyone involved in the Foundation.
- David O.




I want to let you know, Sheila E., that you did a wonderful job putting the concert together. I was in tears when the Family performed. I have loved Prince since I was 8 years old, 1978 I received my first album, For You. He has written the soundtrack for my life. I want you to also know that I didn't hear about the concert until the Friday before. I bought the $75.00 seats but I wasn't going at first. When I realized it was going to help abused children I quickly changed my mind. I am a mother of four (need I say more) and I know it was too close to Christmas but I wanted to help a child that might not have a Christmas at all. Thank you for a wonderful show, I never sat down. My husband couldn't believe I knew the words to all those songs. I don't guess I'll ever see or meet Prince but I had a wonderful time, I can't wait until you guys do it again next year.
- Lisa S.




Dear Elevate Hope Foundation:
I would like to thank you for sponsoring a great concert for a great cause. I truly enjoyed myself and meeting all the musical acts whose music got me through difficult times in high school and college. I'm sending you positive energy and thoughts that EHF receives enough money to build the Compassion Care Center. Many Thanks.
- Bianca W.




To make a long story short: Me and my brother don't see or do much together anymore, but when we heard about the Family Jamm we purchased tickets and drove up to LA from San Diego to check it out. I want you to know we spent some quality time together and the concert was GREAT. Not only did you reunite your family, but you helped other families reunite also. Thank you for making that possible.
- Julius A.




Dear Sheila and Lynn:
First I would like to tell you that you two are absolutely WONDERFUL! The Family Jamm Concert-OUTSTANDING. This concert caused my boyfriend to fly to San Francisco from Philadelphia to pick me up to drive down to LA for the show. It was the best concert experience that we both had. I honestly can't wait for the next show! God bless you and your foundation and I look forward to more events.
- Jackie M.


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