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Elevate Oakland's Community Summit

December 15, 2013



Educators, students, community and civic leaders, families and music lovers of all ages came together to listen, learn, share and celebrate the creative potential of Oakland youth at Elevate Oakland's Community Summit at Yoshi's, Oakland (Jack London Square).


The full-house event - which featured appearances by student musicians and spoken word performers from across the Oakland Unified School District, was hosted by 51Oakland and The Elevate Hope Foundation, and marked the official beginning of their new joint venture - "ELEVATE OAKLAND".


Drawing on the combined resources of two established non-profit organizations with similar missions, Elevate Oakland promises to bring even more music and arts opportunities to the youth of Oakland. The tremendous positivity & goodwill generated by the event foretells of great things to come!




EHF introduces “ELEVATE OAKLAND,” a collaborative partnership
between 51Oakland and The Elevate Hope Foundation

September 20, 2013


51Oakland, an Oakland-based non-profit organization, and The Elevate Hope Foundation, a Los Angeles-based NPO, are pleased to announce “ELEVATE OAKLAND,” a collaborative partnership designed to bring innovative music and arts programs to underserved Oakland youth. 51Oakland, founded by jazz club maven Yoshi Akiba and Jason Hofmann, an Oakland-based entrepreneur and former educator, has focused on providing Oakland students access to programs, resources, mentoring and training in music and the arts. Notable achievements include Live at Yoshi’s, a regular youth concert series; an Inspirational Speaker Series; and Artist-in-Residence and Outreach programs.


The Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF), co-founded by Grammy and Emmy-nominated pop icon Sheila E., an Oakland native and renowned musician, composer, arranger and producer, and Lynn Mabry, a Berkeley native, entertainment manager and accomplished vocalist for artists such as Talking Heads, Bette Midler, and Stevie Nicks, is dedicated to provide special needs populations an alternative method of therapy through music and arts education. EHF’s pilot programs have created curriculums and offered experiential creative classes that include music production, recording, songwriting, drumming, choir, art, and videography.


“ELEVATE OAKLAND,” created by this star-studded organizational pairing and supported by Oakland Unified School District leadership, rolls out its inaugural curriculum at East Oakland’s Castlemont High School with the start of the 2013-14 school year.  The partnership’s programs are designed to provide innovative music and arts offerings through creative artistry and inspirational role models, ultimately creating a continuum for grades 4-12.  Long-term plans include the establishment of a Compassion Care Center of the Arts and fundraisers uniting celebrated performers with student-musicians, thus bridging the present and future of Oakland’s Arts and Music.


ELEVATE OAKLAND’s mission is to strengthen the role of music and arts education in the public school system, and, thereby: nurture creativity and self-esteem, cultivate motivation, self-discipline, and hard work, promote teamwork and cooperation, and inspire student learning for academic achievement.



(L to R) Jason Hofmann (51Oakland), Sheila E. (EHF), Yoshi Akiba (51Oakland), Lynn Mabry (EHF)




Sales from New Sheila E. Concert DVD to Benefit The Elevate Hope Foundation

December 7, 2012


Support The Elevate Hope Foundation by purchasing the new concert DVD: Sheila E. LIVE in Lugano, Switzerland. $1 from the sale of each DVD will go to The Elevate Hope Foundation on all purchases made from now until Christmas Day. Happy Holidays, and Give the Gift of Music!


PURCHASE DVD >> Sheila E. LIVE in Lugano, Switzerland




EHF Makes Large Donation to San Leandro School Music Programs

June 11, 2011


The Elevate Hope Foundation’s Lynn Mabry and Sheila E. donated over $20,000 in musical instruments and $11,000 in cash to the San Leandro School Music Programs on June 13, 2011. The donations will service over 10 schools in the district. Elevate Hope is proud to help support the restoration of the San Leandro school district’s music programs.


READ ARTICLE >> Sheila E's Foundation Gives School Music Programs Large Donation of Instruments, Cash




Sheila E. Presents Grammy Award to Mariposa Grizzly Band

June 11, 2011


Sheila E. hand delivered a $5,500 check from the Grammy Foundation along with a special Grammy award to the forty student Grizzly Band from Mariposa County High School. It is just one of 36, chosen out of 20 thousand nationwide for having a top-notch music program. In addition to the special Grammy award and the check from the Grammy Foundation, Sheila E. Also donated $5,500 to the band from her own foundation. That money will help fund the trip to New York.




Minneapolis Sound Jamms to Benefit The Elevate Hope Foundation

May 24, 2011


Friday, June 3 at 8 PM – 2 AM – FINE LINE MUSIC CAFE in Minneapolis.
A night of Fun, collective Love and a lot of FUNK. Special performance by Kip Blackshire with players Kirk Johnson, Serge Akou, and Donnie LaMarca, ArcFlashHazard, and Q the Clique (School of Rock) and a host of Special Musical Guests.

• Michael Bland, Damon Dickson and Jellybean Johnson are joining the festivities
• Special performance by Tyka Nelson
• DJ Michael Holtz of 2TheMaxxEntertainment – Spinning Purple Funk all night!!
• Special Sheila E. Merchandise Raffle

All proceeds to benefit The Elevate Hope Foundation. Tickets are on sale NOW!!

• $16 upper level in the MEZZ (limited)

• VIP $21

TICKETMASTER or Fine Line Music Cafe’ Box Office – (There are NO service fee’s with Fine Line)





Good Day LA Features EHF

July 17, 2010


This Tuesday, July 20th, look out for James Pickens, Jr. and our very own Sheila E. inviting all to support The Elevate Hope Foundation’s current event, “An Evening With Angels 2″ on Sunday July 25, 2010 at Boulevard3 in Hollywood CA on Fox’s Good Day LA. They will be introducing a new campaign that involves members of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI Miami, and more! Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this great news! Tell a friend.






Hike for Hope

April 28, 2010

There are many angels out there who are joining forces with Elevate Hope Foundation to raise awareness and funds to further its mission to assist victims of child abuse and neglect. Joe Grubb is such an angel. He has created Hike For Hope, committing to hike the entire 2,178 mile long Appalachian Trail!


He began his hike in March 2010 in Georgia and will end in Maine. Please visit his blog to track his project and for more information on the many ways you can support and take part in this Hike For Hope!


• Contribute to Hike For Hope.
When making a donation to Hike For Hope, PLEASE include this in the "GIFT" information section of the donation form.

• Follow Joe Grubb on Facebook


Hike For Hope will make an impact on so many lives, not only the children, but by each donor, hiker, and sponsors alike taking part in this monumental endeavor.






Vista Del Mar Jazzfest

October 20, 2009


On October 18, 2009 we were proud to co-chair the 1st Annual Vista Del Mar Jazzfest on the grounds of Vista. Pat Prescott of 94.7 the WAVE hosted a star studded event featuring The E Family with Sheila E., her dad Pete Escovedo, and brothers Juan and Peter Michael. Joining them was Grammy Award winning Dave Koz, Patrice Rushen, Ndugu Chancler, "Living Single's" TC Carson, Karen Briggs, and Sylvia Brooks. The audience was moved by a special performance by Vista's very own youth choir singing "Fly Like An Eagle".


Los Angeles and its surrounding communities came out to support this amazing facility that offers a range of social and psychological services that include psychiatric residential and day treatment, individual and family counseling, foster care and adoption, and their credited VIP Autism Program.


The Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) is proud to offer and sponsor two amazing programs in conjunction with Vista's Arts Enrichment. "Garage Band" 101 and 102, and Songwriter's Symposium was created especially for Vista residents and students to provide a more comprehensive arts experience.

In remodeling and refurbishing their music room, EHF created a state of the art ProTools recording studio and classroom for interested students and enthusiasts. Proceeds from the Jazzfest will support Vista's Arts Enrichment programs in which EHF is directly involved.






Healing Kids with Music

October 11, 2009


CNN's Naamua Delaney talks with Sheila E. about bringing music and compassion to children who have been abused.







The Dollar Campaign

September 9, 2009


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Dollar Campaign's launch. This campaign is not over so if you haven't participated, please give at least $1.00. Many have donated on behalf, or in the name of specific artists. See below. Thanks again as you can't imagine how far a little love and support will go!


1. Sheila E. - $1,380
2. Prince - $197
3. Jack Coleman - $25

4. Nicole Richie - $25

5. Apollonia - $5
6. Greg Grunberg - $3

7. Erykah Badu - $1
8. Indi Arie - $1






Songwriter's Symposium Update

June 17, 2009


The Elevate Hope Foundation was proud to conduct the first mentoring session with Arts Enrichment students for our H.I.P.P.'s (Hope's Initiative Pilot Program) Songwriter's Symposium at Vista Del Mar on June 14th, 2009.


Students were grouped with professional songwriters and performers for a 2 hour session. Each group focused on a particular genre of music. Students chose between Pop, Rock, RandB, and Gospel. At the end of the session, each group had composed a song inspired by their writings and experiences described in their journals and shared it with the entire class.


Mentors in attendance: entertainer, songwriter Lalah Hathaway; performing artist, guitarist Kat Dyson; gospel recording artist, composer Eric Dawkins; music director, artist, producer Peter Michael Escovedo; performer, songwriter Dominic Escovedo; and Sheila E. and Lynn Mabry from EHF facilitated the session.


Other composers have been provided journals from students for their review to begin writing additional compositions. This is sure to be an amazing CD once completed. New projected release Spring of 2010.


WATCH VIDEO >> Sheila E. and Lynn Mabry introducing the Songwriter's Symposium to students from Vista Del Mar


(L to R) Peter Michael Escovedo, Lalah Hathaway, Dominic Escovedo, Lynn Mabry, Sheila E., Eric Dawkins, Kat Dyson






H.I.P.P.'S "Songwriter's Symposium" 

June 2009


EHF introduced H.I.P.P.'s (Hope's Initiative Pilot Program) "Songwriters Symposium" as part of Vista Del Mar's Arts Enrichment Program last year. Forty-five junior high and high school students from Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services are participating in this program.


The Songwriters Symposium is designed to cultivate lyrical development of students by motivating each child to channel their personal life experiences into songs by journaling.


Compositions will be created from their collective work by professional songwriters. Recording artists and entertainers will volunteer their time and talents to record their compositions. Finally, a CD will be created for distribution as a fundraising tool.

H.I.P.P. will give disadvantaged children the opportunity to develop their creativity, improve their self-esteem and self-expression, incorporate critical thinking skills, and provide them the ability to cooperate with others which are vital to a successful life.


In cooperation with Vista Del Mar's Arts Enrichment program and its director, EHF has initiated and conducted classes, while creating a timetable for the students.

• Sept '08 - Feb '09: Student Journaling
• Mar - May '09: Creative Writing and Lyrical Interpretation with songwriters
• June - Oct '09: Professional Mentoring and Composition
• Nov - Dec '09: Holiday Break
• Jan - Feb '10: Mixing, Mastering
• Mar '10: Manufacturing
• Apr '10: Spring Release

Please join in the efforts to lead this program to its completion. EHF requires funding to produce recording sessions, CD manufacturing and distribution, as well as crucial music supplies.


Through your contribution you will give a child hope and the opportunity to participate in something they have never dreamed of. Thank you for your support.


WATCH VIDEO >> Sheila E. and Lynn Mabry introducing the Songwriter's Symposium to students from Vista Del Mar






Caring with Style Holiday Fashion Show Fundraiser

December 19, 2008


LA Fashion Corner's "Caring with Style" Holiday Fashion Show fundraiser was held at Hollywood Highlands Nightclub, Los Angeles, CA on December 17, 2008 to benefit Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF). It has been called Los Angeles' most sought after fashion event bringing together local and national designers, manufacturers, buyers, stylists, celebrities, and the media under one roof. "Caring With Style" featured a luxury fashion show with music, dancing, live performances, red carpet, exhibits, event reception, and art showcases. The event raised awareness for EHF's mission to help abused children through music and arts therapy. EHF would like to thank London Moore, LA Fashion Corner and all participants for their support!


Top: Darren Matthews, London Moore,

Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Lynn Mabry


Bottom: Sheila E. in Dalia gown; Sheila E.

and Lynn Mabry





Grammy Museum

December 7, 2008


Sheila E. was a celebrity docent for the Grammy Museum's grand opening ribbon cutting event on December 5, 2008. Approximately 400 children from the greater Los Angeles area had been invited to experience the museum, including a group of students from Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.



Sheila E. interacting with children at the Grammy Museum's opening






The Elevate Hope Foundation Sponsors Vista Del Mar Music Center

Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) sponsors Vista Del Mar's Arts Enrichment Program's Music Center. The music center was remodeled and refurbished with installed new computer workstations, recording equipment, software, and even new paint and curtains for the three rooms was donated by EHF.

The three rooms have been designated for:

1) Audio Instruction

2) Live Instruction and Rehearsal

3) Control Room for Recording and Pre and Post Production

Powered by Mac-Mini computers, the music workstations feature M Audio keyboards. Headphones have also been provided to allow private listening, while flat screen monitors display musical notation and software instruction. Additional instruments and study supplies will be provided to complete the curriculum requirements for the summer and fall classes.


The first course, "Garage Band 101", began in the summer of 2008 for 16 students who received recording instruction through the latest computer technology. This unique software powered by Macintosh computers was provided by EHF. To date the class has serviced over 50 students and a waiting list for the spring session is pending.


It's a reality because of people like you who have supported EHF. We hope that we can count on your continued support for future events and programs, as we work towards saving more lives through music and the arts. From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank all the angels who have offered their support to see such a program come to fruition.



Vista's Audio and Live Instruction Room: Before and After






Skechers - Nothing Compares to Family


The SKECHERS USA, Inc. "Nothing Compares To Family" promotion, slated to run through 2009, stars some of today's popular celebrity families and benefits children's charities with ads breaking in celebrity weekly magazines and other fashion and lifestyle glossies. Skechers plans to rotate a variety of different celebrity families throughout the campaign, featuring mothers and small children and adult celebrities with their sisters, brothers, parents and grandparents. At the heart of the campaign is Skechers' commitment to family. Each ad will be tagged with a charity of the celebrity's choice. Jack Coleman and his daughter Tess support The Elevate Hope Foundation.






Vista Del Mar Says "Thank You"


Elevate Hope Foundation received a very special thank you gift from one of the residents from Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services who was honored at the Bowling For The Arts Celebrity Games fundraiser.


The pink heart on a pedestal was created by 16 year old "Y", and personally signed by her, other honorees, and staff expressing their heartfelt thanks and excitement about attending the event, and the gifts of love and hope they received.





The Elevate Hope Foundation and Hasbro Toys Team Up for Vista Kids

December 2008


Elevate Hope joined forces with Hasbro toys in order to bring some unexpected joy this Christmas by donating various games for the residents at Vista from ages ranging 0 to 17 years. Although economic times are tough, we salute Hasbro for coming up to the plate by offering a little love to our kids!



Lynn Mabry and Sheila E. with Oster from Vista Del Mar






Raise Money for Elevate Hope Foundation While Shopping or Searching Online

November 14, 2008


Would you be willing to support Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) without spending any extra money? Would you mind if EHF earned money every time you searched the Internet, or a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? You can make this happen right now! is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, receive quality search results from Yahoo, and the donations WILL add up! is an online shopping mall which donates up to 37% of each purchase to your favorite cause! Hundreds of great stores including Macy's, Target, Gap, Best Buy, eBay, and Barnes and Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you shop online, you'll be supporting your favorite cause. Click through to your favorite store from the GoodShop site, you'll get the same great prices!


It's simple. Designate The Elevate Hope Foundation as the charity you want to support and SHOP or SEARCH as you normally would. Make GoodSearch your homepage, add it to your bookmarks and email signature. Share this with your family and friends to help our foundation generate more contributions.


With your help, GoodSearch can generate donations, at no cost to you that will help EHF in their mission to provide music and the arts as therapy for victims of child abuse.






Rock and A Hard Place

August 25, 2008


Rock and A Hard Place, is an original game show, hosted by rock legend Meat Loaf, featuring classic and current music superstars as they battle it out for charity in the ultimate trivia challenge.


The series, which debuted January 23, 2008 on DIRECTV's original entertainment channel, The 101, showcased music greats including The Pointer Sisters, Warrant, Grandmaster Flash, The Pussycat Dolls, 38 Special, Eddie Money, Tiffany, Berlin, CeCe Peniston, Thelma Houston, our very own Sheila E., and others as they tested their knowledge on everything from music history to current-events trivia. Sheila E. and her team of contestants, musicians Carlos Rios and Cassandra O'Neal, played for The Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF). Winnings from the competition won by Sheila's team were awarded to EHF.






Bill O'Reilly Supports The Elevate Hope Foundation

January 23, 2008


EHF Co-Chair Sheila E. appeared on the Fox News Channel show, "The O'Reilly Factor". She had been invited by host Bill O'Reilly to discuss The Elevate Hope Foundation, which helps abused and abandoned children through music and the arts.


After the show aired, a viewer emailed and offered to donate $30,000 to the Foundation. Although EHF did not receive the viewers donation, Bill O'Reilly volunteered to match the offered amount out of his own pocket and has since continued to supported EHF. Sheila E. says, "I am overwhelmed by the generosity and support from Bill and his viewing audience. This money will literally save kids' lives. This is truly a blessing."


A special thank you to the viewers of The O'Reilly Factor who have called and emailed to donate goods and services, all of which helps with the critical work that Elevate Hope Foundation does.






3121 Fragrance Collection Inspired by Prince Charity Event
Benefits The Elevate Hope Foundation

July 10, 2007


Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, Inc. announced a global agreement for 3121, the Fragrance Collection Inspired by Prince. The fragrance was created in full concert with the artist, resulting in an enticing scent that captures the essence of his eclectic style and music genius.


3121 perfume launched on 07/07/07 with a 24-hour online charity event and a surprise performance by Prince. 7% of each sale of the 30 ml bottle of 3121 retailing for $31.21 were divided between 7 charities chosen by Prince and Revelations, one of them being Sheila E.'s and Lynn Mabry's Elevate Hope Foundation.


We would like to thank Prince and Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, Inc. for including The Elevate Hope Foundation as part of this auspicious occasion, while supporting this worthy cause.






IBM Golden Global Circle

December 1, 2006


IBM Golden Global Circle 2006 Event "Extraordinaire" was held at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. Sheila E. was the featured performing artist, and entertained IBM executives from around the world who were honored for their individual contributions. Represented were execs from Asia, the Americas, and Europe.


Special Guest speakers included actors Tommy Lee Jones, Patrick Stewart, and former President Bill Clinton. Sheila performed "One Rhythm In Time" with the National Bahamas Children's Choir and was accompanied by an array of local Bohemian groups.

The signature series timbales and congas played by Sheila at the IBM performance were donated to the local school where the student performers study through The Elevate Hope Foundation.







June 1, 2006


Elevate Hope Foundation joined TeenLine organization in May 2006 as they honored Ken Bentley of Nestle International, a yearly supporter of EHF, for his dedication and support of youth over the years. TeenLine is also celebrating 26 years of operation, and has been successful in mentoring at risk youth.


Actors Shawn Pyfrom and Cody Kasch of the hit show Desperate Housewives, who hosted the luncheon, introduced teens who have overcome obstacles of everything from drug abuse, reckless endangerment, to self mutilation. It was an eye opening revelation of the ever present issue that our youth are experiencing.


We congratulate TeenLine and supporters like Ken Bentley for their commitment to make a difference.

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